Thursday, October 9, 2008

In True Younger Sister Form...

In keeping with the long-standing traditions of younger-siblinghood, I have decided to copy my older sister Suz in making a blog. Sure, I already have one blog for my Women, Race, and Media course, but I like to think that I may have something to say to a wider audience. One that, say, includes my mother. (HI MOMMA! Also, Hi Susanna--sorry about copying you. At least you'll always have better stories than me!)

I really want to spend more time writing, which is ironic because the only reason I'm starting this blog is because I'm avoiding my Writing Science Fiction homework. It has occured to me that the process of submitting and editing and approving and fixing and etc. a scientific journal article is painstakingly long, so if I want to get something published before I graduate, it's got to be either a science fiction short story in a magazine like Analog or Asimov's, or a children's book with Suz doing the art. That's right, Suz, I haven't forgotten about your idea for the kid's book about the airplane, and if you aren't gonna get on that, them I'm just gonna weasle my way on in. Or a book about a maggot. Eh? Think you could draw cute pictures about maggots, Suz, or would that be too similar to that fly cartoon movie that just came out? Anyways, I do intend to throw out some of my writing ideas/concerns here, as well as desperately try to make my life sound as interesting as Suz's. Plus, keeping a blog automatically involves writing, so at least this is a step in the right direction.

That is all. More to come at an unannounced date and location.


Susanna Dooley said...

thank you melooloo! i was feeling dumb about having a blog because blogs are kinda lame in general, but now i don't (as much)! hip hop hooray! i am now a follower.

Susanna Dooley said...

hey mel, i thought about it and i think my last comment was very form letter-ish. I am really touched by your most recent entry and I have to say that i am fucking STOAKED about going into the children's book biz with you! lets do it! i have no idea how one gets into the whole world of publishing, but i htink it has to be easier than getting into the hollywood biznass. i am excited about reading your asimovian stories and hope to see them here (and in print)soon! okay, i just wanted to clear that up.

Suz Dookey said...

i think it is a well established fact that mom is a poopfart head. put that science fiction up on your blog this very instant! also, i don't know what crazy thing i called the gloss paint stuff, but the official name is "Mod Podge, Gloss-Lustre" (the title on the bottle includes the comma). now herre are things i wanted to respond/talk to you about:
- Dorothy NO!!! now that she has discovered the wonder of the modern hair tie she will always forsake you!
- are you a fan of the Governor Ladybird Richards or Governor Arnold? and what did she/he do to elicit such adoration?
- don't let mom make you sad, she always brags too much about you to me whenever i try to tell her things about my dumb day. i think she likes both of us and brags about us behind both of our backs.
- you know how L Ron Hubbard started out as a sci fi writer and ended up being the very wealthy leader of a government recognized
religion? that is where i think you should put your goals for this science fiction writing class you are taking! i have one of the doctrines already sort of devised for you. (i, of course, will be helping to lead the religion) i haven't written it down yet, but me and evans came up with it and i think it is just fantastic.
thats it! no more comment. the end. tell dorothy lorothy porethy raaaaaaawwwww meh meh meh, she'll know what i'm talking about.